Air Assist is an efficient and dedicated team of commissioning specialists who provide independent analysis and verification of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system performance.

Our point of difference is that along with technical expertise we engage with our customers to provide relevant, clear and reliable information.

We understand the complexities that can exist and know the importance of getting simple, easy to understand answers.

Whether commissioning an HVAC installation, addressing recurring comfort complaints, verifying system performance or assuring you of building compliance we provide professional services you can rely on.

Air Assist’s practical experience and industry expertise assures you of the right support to manage your building.

Our services include:

Independent advice before committing to HVAC expenditure is a sound investment. Air Assist frequently work with clients to assess not only the cause of any HVAC issues but also the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

Air Assist has a proven record in a full range of property sectors:

Quality documentation, CAD drafting services, and in-house BMS and mechanical specialists provide a comprehensive commissioning solution.