The way a building is used can change over the years of occupancy. This can arise for varied reasons including the number of occupants or changes to internal tenancy layout.

Increased complaints related to comfort conditions or spikes in energy consumption can be indicators that a the system is not operating to design and that further investigation is needed.

This is where Air Assist’s engineers can provide solutions.

Optimising the performance of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning will reduce HVAC service costs, improve comfort conditions and provide an assurance of building compliance.

Trouble Shooting and Surveys
Recurring comfort condition complaints, too hot, too cold, too much draft highlight the need for a system survey. Changes to use of office space, internal fit outs and increased occupancy are some of the factors that will impact HVAC performance.

Air Assist will carry out surveys, introduce data loggers, and analyse specifications to confirm issues and provide practical recommendations for remedial work to rectify problems.

BMS and Controls Integration
Optimising building performance requires an integrated approach with controls and mechanical services. Air Assist engineers work effectively with all major BMS system providers.

Building Management
Air Assist understand the technical complexities that building management involves. System efficiency including gas and electricity use; health and safety, legislated building compliance and tenancy comfort are equally important to building managers.

Our engineers will provide the necessary support and practical recommendations that are realistic and cost effective. We can liaise with your HVAC service providers and develop relevant, cost effective strategies to achieve the best outcomes.